Online Marriege - How to get married online in Pakistan

Online Marriege – How to get married online in Pakistan


Online marriage has become a popular option for those who want to marry but do not want to attend a traditional wedding ceremony. In Pakistan, the practice of online marriage is very common. Online Marriage in Pakistan is a legal union between a man and a woman. They are normally solemnized under Social and Muslim family norms. As a result, they have a lawful manner of becoming a couple. In addition, it is quite straightforward, such as a judicial marriage. Every Pakistani citizen has the right to Online Marriage. Most crucially, for Pakistanis who live overseas or in Pakistan’s remote towns and metropolitan cities.

Furthermore, they lack the time and energy to travel and attend their wedding. To put it another way, you won’t be able to turn up at the time of the “Nikah” wedding ceremony. In this case, it is necessary to perform an online Nikah or marriage in Pakistan. In Pakistan, there is a practice known as intermediary marriage. In Pakistan, there is a practice known as intermediary marriage. As a result, online matrimony is often referred to as intermediate marriage. The bride-to-be and her future husband are both missing at the same moment. As a result, a video call is used to complete an online Nikah or online marriage in Pakistan. Most crucially, it is performed in front of a marriage recorder.

Shariah Requirements for online marriage.

1: Both the man and the woman must be adults and not mahrams.

2: Both the man and the woman must agree to the marriage.

3: Nikah should take place in the presence of two nikah witnesses.

4: MEHR (Dower Amount) should be determined.

Legal Requirements for online marriage.

1-Copies of the bride and groom’s CNIC (or Passport duplicate if Id not accessible or some other verification of personality.)

2-Six Photos (Passport Size).

3-Lawyer Appointment Letter/Consent Letter

4-Two Witnesses, each having a copy of CNIC

5-If the lucky man is in the middle of a second marriage.

Then, and only then, is an agreement to a second marriage required.

6-For the lady of the hour’s subsequent marriage scenario.

It is necessary to have a substantial Divorce Certificate or a Death Certificate of a deceased accomplice.

7-Nikah/Marriage Service Expenses.

How to start the online marriage process?

First and foremost, make an appointment with an experienced online marriage Lawyer.

You should also include the archives’ duplicates.

The missing party will appear online during a phone call on the agreed-upon date and time.

The enlistment facility performs online marriages in the presence of witnesses.

After that, the Nikah Registrar will complete each Nikah Nama.

Witnesses and the woman, groom, or their online legal counsel will sign the Nikah Nama.

The nikkah is the most important aspect.

Furthermore, if neither party is present at the time of the Nikah.

They want to appoint a special prosecutor as well.


 There are numerous advantages to online marriage, including the convenience and ability to marry from anywhere in the world. The ease of finding a compatible partner is one of the most significant advantages of online marriage. There are numerous online dating websites where you can find a partner based on your interests, location, and religion. If you want to find a marriage partner who lives in your country, you can use an online dating site to search for matches based on your location.

Nikkah Without Wali In Pakistani Law

According to Article 35 of the Pakistani Constitution and a Federal Shariat Court decision, the consent of a ‘Wali’ is not required, and a sui juris Muslim female can enter into a valid Nikah / Marriage of her own free will. 

2005 PLD
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