How to Become a Lawyer in Pakistan - Complete Guide

How to Become a Lawyer in Pakistan – Complete Guide


The lawyer profession; is one of the most famous and important professions worldwide. lawyers are Usually engaged with clients to resolve their legal issues and disputes. Lawyers may provide; legal advice and representation in court and also provide, other legal services, such as corporate, law, estate planning, etc. A lawyer provides legal services to individuals, businesses, and government entities. The most common legal services a lawyer provides are legal advice.

What does a lawyer do?

As per other professions, lawyers have also certain boundaries and jurisdictions, in which they practice professional duties.
There are some working parameters of a lawyer.
The roles and responsibilities of lawyers may  differ, depending on their area of expertise, most lawyers are responsible for the following tasks:

Creating legal documents and submitting them to the proper courts.

Participating in trials and hearings with clients.

Working with investigations agencies  to build cases for trials and mediations
Reviewing a case and advising clients on legal options

presenting arguments, in favor of a client before, a judge.

To Become a lawyer in Pakistan

According to Supreme Court’s recent judgment. Before, the judgment of SC. The period of the law studies was 3 years.

which was known as BA LLB. After this judgment, the BA-LLB 3 years program was completely removed and replaced with the LL.b HONS 5 Years program.
Llb Hons is a regular study program in Pakistan. which is offered by HEC-recognized Public, and private Universities.

Criteria of Admission:

A student who has passed the intermediate examinations can become a lawyer in Pakistan. and get admission to any university in LLB program. After passing the FSC Pre-engineering and FSC Pre-medical, FA, ICS, and ICOM, any domain which is equivalent to FSC grade 12.

students would be allowed to enroll in the LLB program .to become a lawyer in Pakistan. Students should study, hard to achieve high “HSSC” rankings. In order, to get admission; to the; Public sector Universities, because of their High Merit, and competition

LAT Test :

Law admission test was initiated by the Former Chief Justice of Pakistan for enhancement of merit in the profession of law. to become a lawyer in Pakistan a student must have to pass the LAT test which is conducted by HEC.
a student must have to gain 50 marks out of 100 marks for passing lat test
without Lat Test Result Students are not allowed to enroll in LLB Hons Program.

 Documents Required For Admission:

There are 2 seasons of admissions in Pakistan (Summer and Winter)
You can apply for any university or law college recognized by HEC with these Documents:



After Applying, you will receive an email of confirmation, from the institution. you will be notified about final admission.

Recommended Institutions for Law in Pakistan

Punjab University Law College.
Quaid-e-Azam Law College, Lahore

Lahore university of management sciences

Government College University.
Minhaj University Lahore.
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