is an online Forum for Legal experts, professional Lawyers, Law students, and civil society. Awareness about rights and duties is crucial for every member of the community because every citizen of any society plays an important part in society’s legal Situation . The basic ideology to make this Platform is to make the public aware of their rights and duties and basic legal information that can educate every member of society belonging to any community, group, or profession.
Secondly, this Platform is for Law Students studying law and doing graduation of law from various universities. This Platform will help them find their scope, clear their concepts, support them in their studies, and provide guidelines for abroad studies Provide all law students career counseling for the next journey of career
Another Dimension of our work is about legal professionals and Licensed Lawyers. This Platform will promote authentic well, educated, and talented lawyers through this website and also provide clarity of legal points in different cases
we want to educate society about the legal perspectives in daily life .
All our services are Pro-bono
let’s join us to work with our community to for legal awareness and professional working

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Ata Ul Mustafa

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